Wednesday, January 16, 2008

You Found Me Again!

More fun search terms that brought unsuspecting (or suspecting?) folks to this blog.

i love m*a*s*h Oh dear. I love M*A*S*H too, but I don't think this is what you were looking for, honey.

pajama spanking Um, pajamas don't give very good spankings. Kind of noodle-y and weak. I prefer the human kind. But whatever floats your boat...

gentle spank No way! As far as I'm concerned, spank hard or don't spank at all. Unless I'm really sore, and then you should be rubbing, not making it worse.

boys being whipped spanking gay m/m discipline Yikes. That's an awful lot to look for in one site. Sorry, guys; wish I could help you.

ghandi spanking story Tee hee. Now that I'd like to read!

iris noise Actually, I pride myself on being very quiet during spanking. No noise from this Iris.

m/m stories? Are you sure? Maybe you'd rather see some M/F stuff? Or F/F? Just checking.

reality spanking Trust me, the spankings here are very real. No fictional accounts, no misrepresentations, and no exaggerations (mostly). And frankly, if NBC held a spanking reality show, I think I'd have a damn good shot at winning.

what we celebrate iris day OK, I don't know what this is, but I'm all for it! Do I get flowers or chocolate? Or good girl spankings?

And the WTF award goes to:

"jump on his belly" Uh, what?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Oh, I know where the last one came from. At least, I know why it landed someone on your blog.

As for why they'd actually search for that, haven't a clue.