Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Well, I made it through Chris and sparkle's visit.* We had a wonderful kinky time with them, snuck in as much grown-up time as we could, and thoroughly enjoyed all the non-kinky, kid fun with the princess. However, as sparkle points out elsewhere, I got spanked twice (hard) and she didn't get spanked at all. Which I think is unfair, to say the least. The next time we see them we'll have to figure out an Equitable Spanking Plan. Perhaps it could be applied to tops as well. (grin)

Today isn't a holiday for everyone, of course. But I do hope that wherever you are, you are with people who love you and that you have the ability to tell them that you love them too.

*Thanks to Student Discipline, Rose, and Raven for their help and suggestions!

Saturday, December 22, 2007


Sparkle and I are trapped in my house with two tops! And only the princess to save us!

We definitely need an infusion of brats/subs/bottoms to tip the balance in our favor.

Otherwise, heaven help us!


Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Truth About Hotel Glasses

OK, I am not even remotely a germophobe. I'm more in the "thirty-second rule" club. But this is pretty darn gross. Watch at your own discretion.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Iris Rule

Thanks to brilliant suggestions by Google and two wonderful women whose names start with S, I am making a list of new rules. Rules for tops. Especially tops whose names start with M or C--but feel free to apply them liberally in your own top situations.

Rule 1: No spankings allowed when the spankee is sick. This is cruel, unusual, and only makes me feel sicker longer. Which means that someone is prolonging my illness. Which is not a nice thing to do. But since some tops are sneaky, this also requires:

Rule 2: Spankings earned while someone is sick cannot be accrued or made worse because they are deferred. Basically, when I'm sick I get carte blanche to complain and not follow all the rules perfectly. Because I'm SICK, that's why.

Rule 3: No collusion between tops allowed. If one spanks me, no one else can spank me for earning a spanking from the first one. And no one can interfere with the punishment of another to add to it or make it worse. Tops should not talk amongst themselves unless one of them is convincing another to let me off the hook.

Rule 4: No new nasty implements allowed in the house. Not even if they're smuggled in in pretty wrapping paper and put under my Christmas tree. We have quite enough horrible things without adding to the collection. This includes anything made from ebony, rubber, lexan, dragon's anything, or exotic hardwoods. Lovely leather, especially from The London Tanners, is welcome.

Rule 5: All punishments must be agreed on ahead of time. This means no surprise consequences that were not publicized ahead of time. Like, for instance, being spanked for getting sunburned. Or finding out too late that not getting enough sleep while away on vacation counts as a spankable offense. All rules and corresponding punishments should be discussed and noted (preferably on paper) before they may be enforced.

This is all I can think of at the moment, but I am definitely open to suggestions from other non-tops. Additions, anyone?

Friday, December 14, 2007

Spanking the Sick One

If your girlfriend had been home all day long, miserable and sick and alone, would you spank her? Even if she said that she still doesn't feel good and is achy and doesn't feel good?

Of course you wouldn't. That's because you're nice and you understand that when there are pre-existing agreements for things that have to get done, they don't apply when people get sick. Which means that you don't take someone by the hand, lead her into the bedroom, pull down her pajama pants, bend her over your knee, and spank her. You cuddle her and baby her and bring her more Vernors.*

Now could someone please explain that to M?

It's too late for today, but might save me for tomorrow.

* To be fair, M did do all these things too. But who's interested in being fair when you're sick and just got spanked?

Entertaining the Sick One

I'm sick in bed today. :-( The for real sick kind, too. I went to work and they sent me home even though there was a big crisis and I know they could have used the help. I suppose it wouldn't have helped much if I infected everyone else. Had to pull over on the drive home so I could throw up, which was not fun, in case you were wondering.

(Have I garnered enough sympathy yet?)

So anyway, in between naps and sips of Vernors, I'm amusing myself with YouTube and Dances with Werewolves. Maybe if I feel up to it I'll do some work on a PowerPoint for next week. Or maybe I'll just snuggle down and try not to be so freaking miserable.

For your enjoyment, gentle readers, here is another "Little House" spanking. I just love seeing Nellie get her comeuppance.

Monday, December 10, 2007

You Found Me!

More fun search terms that Google used to route people to this site:

er story Not so much here, sorry. But Natty has a great story about kinky goings on in the ER, if you'd like.

iris sin blog I'm guessing this has to do with the housewarming party that M and I had a month ago, but I'm curious about the idea of a sin blog. I mean, it sounds like delicious reading, but I'd be too afraid it would turn into documentation of events that are better left undocumented, if you know what I mean.

sierra salem gives a good spanking
I have no idea. Perhaps someone else has first hand knowledge?

sunburned backsides or spanked backsides Oh dear. This sounds a little too close to an adventure I had a while ago with sparkle and Mija. I am ever so much more careful now in applying sunscreen. No sunburned bottoms here, thank you very much.

And my absolute favorite:

iris rule I think this is an excellent idea. Iris should definitely be making the rules and other people (ahem, cough, Chris, cough, M, cough) should be subject to them. Don't you agree?

Sunday, December 9, 2007

A Little Girl Day

This morning I woke up from a lovely dream where a tall, curvy, maternal (not motherly, maternal) woman was leading my by the hand down a hall into a room to spank me. The spanking never came to pass in the dream (other events intervened, as often happens in dreams), but I started the day feeling distinctly submissive. Not naughty, not sexual, just kind of calm and submissive.

M and I did crossword puzzles and watched football for a while and then I asked if I could have a little girl kind of day. I didn't want to misbehave; as a matter of fact, I desperately wanted to be a very, very good girl today. One who trots along, doing as she's told, and doesn't have to make any decisions. So M directed me through my getting ready ("Good girl for getting dressed. Now we're going to get some breakfast and we're going to try a new place.") and gave me lots of hugs and praise. I didn't make any decisions without asking permission, including what I ate at breakfast and how much of it I ate. When we got home, he took me by the hand, led me down the hall into our room, and gave me a gentle, lovely good-girl spanking. Not because I was bad, just because I'm Iris and sometimes I need to be reminded that I'm loved.

And then he gave me a list of things to do for the rest of the day. Not too many, but just enough to make me feel like I'd accomplished things. I, um, haven't quite finished the list, but I think I'll go get started. After all, I really do want to be a good girl today.

I Love YouTube

It turns out that you can have a lot of fun with YouTube and variations on the word spank. So I'm going to share some of my favorites with you in the coming weeks. Here's one:

I agree with Uncle Charles, though Mija, Niki, and Bailey might say otherwise!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Why Can't I Do This?

Why doesn't the world go all black and purple when I'm getting spanked, huh? Huh?

But then I guess I've never cried after four measly hand spanks either. Wimp.