Saturday, October 27, 2007

M and Iris are Living in Sin!

M and I are having our housewarming party next weekend to show the new apartment to our (mostly vanilla) friends and family. I need suggestions for food to serve: things that are easy to make ahead of time and don't require a lot of work to keep warm or cold. Basically I want to set them out and not worry about them again.

I've done a bit of research and found some things that would fit with the theme of the party, like Mississippi Sin Dip and Deviled Eggs. To drink: Original Sin, perhaps. Grin.

Other ideas? (I'm actually soliciting help here, folks.)

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Fun with Google

I've always loved looking at the random "What the Net Dragged In" topics from others' sites. It took me a good while to figure out how to access it myself,* but I have been tracking visitors and trends for the last few weeks and have some interesting things to report. Mostly, I'm interested in the things that people have entered into search engines that made them click on this blog. The most fun ones:

"sierra salem" torrent Now, I think Sierra Salem is a very sexy girl. Enviable figure, beautiful hair, and oh yes, a gorgeous bottom. But torrent? Um, sorry.

chris strokes Hee, hee. I wonder what they were actually looking for--perhaps a man with that name? So many perverted things come to mind, I can't even start listing them.

have you been spanked today? Um, not today. But yesterday. And truthfully, I probably will get spanked before the evening is out. It's been that kind of week.

And my particular favorite:
tingly sensation eyes My eyes! My eyes! ;-)

*In case you're wondering, you can sign up with Google Analytics, put an html code thing on your page, and then access all the data.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

A rant, er, story about tops

Once upon a time there was a sweet, charming, extremely well-behaved Iris. She transgressed ever so slightly a rule that was set in stone. Feeling guilty (as all good, honest Irises do), she confessed to both M and Chris, throwing herself on their mercy. But they showed none, and she received punishment from both.

[I'm pausing a moment to let you catch your breath from the shock.]

[No, no, take your time.]

She shouldn't have been surprised, given the nature of tops. And she wasn't. She was even gracious in her acquiescence to their toppiness. But she was shocked (shocked, I tell you) by their toppy collaboration.

M's punishment was swift, immediate, painful--and over quickly. Chris' punishment was long-lasting, a little embarrassing, and not-so painful. It included (OK, was comprised entirely of) 10 minutes in the corner bare each night for 5 days, plus a sign I have to keep in my car for two weeks.


One top is NOT (not, I tell you) supposed to interfere with the punishment of another. So why did I spend 12 minutes in the corner tonight after being spanked? Toppy interference, that's why!

The moral of this story?

Tops should mind their own business! (Also, tops can't see if you stick your tongue out at the corner.)


(Oh, and if you don't mind, I'd just as soon you didn't tell M and Chris about this.)

Sunday, October 14, 2007

M/M spanking

Natty just posted about something that Kayley posted a few weeks ago. (And yes, I feel like a high school sophomore just saying that.)

It made me think again about how much I love M/M stories. Not just like them. Really love them. When I first got into the scene, I came into the world through stories. First, Laura's Story Corner. I read voraciously, anything and everything I could get my hands on. Some of the stories turned me on; others shocked me; still others disgusted me; some even scared me out of my wits.

Now, much later in my evolution as a kinky woman, I am less shocked. I have more refined tastes and know what I like and don't like. But I am still surprised and still evolving. Every once in a while I read something or see something and think, " that looks interesting." Or I don't even think that, but some explosion goes off in my brain and I become instantly aroused. (Which is in and of itself a clue.)

I discovered M/M stories several years ago when I came across Ranger's stories. (I'm not sure that's the most recent link, but that's the best one I have.) Ranger led me to Rolf (same link as above), and then I found Nelson and LJ. And I fell head over heels in love.

Now, I am extremely picky when it comes to fiction. I no longer read voraciously or accept anything as good. I have enough experience in the scene and its literature that I know I can find better--or dream up better. These authors write extremely well. The characters are lively, the dialogue engaging, the punctuation impeccable.

Natty wrote: Like Kayley, I suspect what fuels my M/m fantasies are the fact that most spankings in non-kinky fiction are boys being spanked by male teachers and parents. And historically speaking, boys were far more likely to be whipped than girls.

The genre attracts me for different reasons, though. (Granted, I'm talking M/M, not M/m. So perhaps I'm talking about an entirely different genre than they are.) But I think one of the reasons I love M/M so much is that the feminism debate can't enter the picture at all. There's no question of the woman being weaker or more deserving of discipline because of her gender. In fact, these authors tackle the question of discipline head-on and resolve it simply with the "different people have different needs" argument. Which works much more cleanly in a same-gender relationship than in a hetero one. That simplicity holds a strong attraction for me. I'm free to identify with either character and free to enjoy the relationship without worrying about her motivation or his prejudices. I can enjoy the sexual spark between two people, enjoy the bratting of one, the calm sternness of the other, and the harmony that occurs in a well-functioning (if fictional) discipline relationship. And it's a good escape. Without sexist rhetoric or my internalized concern that I'm participating in a non-feminist discourse. (The liberal arts education kicks in far too easily!)

So what about you? Are you drawn to this genre? Or another genre in which you don't/can't particpate? Any reasons?

Friday, October 12, 2007

A Day to Celebrate!

Happy Love Our Lurkers Day, everyone! And Happy M's Birthday! (Two reasons to celebrate!)

My little blog hasn't been going long, but the stat counter suggests there might be one or two people who come by to read without commenting. All readers are welcome, with or without comments, but I admit that I am terribly, terribly curious about who is out there. Are you all people I know? Are you people I have never met? Are you bloggers or non-bloggers? Into discipline, sensual, sexual, romantic, or other kinds of spankings? Totally vanilla and just browsing to get a glimpse of a different world?

So please feel free to leave a comment. A wave is just fine. A smart remark or witty retort would be wonderful. And if you don't want to leave your name, that's just fine. On the other hand, if you want to tell me a bit about yourself, please do!

And if you want to leave a message but don't know what to say, leave birthday greetings for M. :-)

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Are we there yet?

Chris and sparkle have a remarkably bright daughter. She is truly a delightful child: generally amiable, definitely opinionated, and always up for fun. In the last few months, however, she has developed the unfortunate habit of actually paying attention to adult conversations. And repeating what she hears.

I discovered this new phase in her development rather by accident, during a long car trip where I jokingly whined from the backseat to Chris (the driver), "Are we there yet?" The princess picked up on the question and has apparently taken to asking it. Sometimes ad nauseum, as sparkle can attest. So although I did not specifically teach the child to say it, I have been given credit for introducing it into her vocabulary.

And just as sparkle threatened, she did in fact give me 56 swats* with their rubber paddle last weekend when they visited. They weren't ridiculously hard, but 56 swats with anything rubber leaves a definite sensation. In this case, it was a warm, glowy, tingly sensation that had me pleasantly flying. M and Chris were an appreciative and mostly well-behaved audience (though one of them did keep asking sparkle if we were there yet).

And I can't be quite sure, but I think sparkle enjoyed herself too. :-D

*The original 50 swats, plus 6 more for the 6 times she said it on the car drive to our house that weekend. Sigh.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

I Should Know Better

You'd think I'd be more comfortable with myself, my needs, and my identity by this point in my evolution as a kinky person. I mean, I've spent thousands of hours reading about this, writing about it, thinking about it, and talking to intelligent (and not-so-intelligent) people about it. I have counselled newcomers to the scene. I have taken great pride in naming and claiming my need for discipline.

So why on earth do I still trip over myself? Why do I sabotage myself by trying to be something I'm not? Or rather, why do I try not to be who I am?


The last week or so I've been hormonal. And struggling with stuff. And trying desperately to do it all on my own. M stepped up and offered to help, even setting a deadline and a rule. And what did I do? I got anxious, self-conscious, insecure, and self-destructive. When M tried to step in and help again, I pushed back and resisted his help because I was afraid of being too needy.

Actual conversation in the middle of my spanking today:
M: What is going on with you?
Iris: I'm just trying to take care of this on my own.
M: And how's that working for you?
At this point, we both started laughing, since I am clearly not handling it well.

M pointed out that since 1.), I can't do it on my own and 2.), he wants to help me, the easiest way to accomplish this is to not resist when he's trying to do something. And then he hairbrushed me silly.

The man may have a point.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

More M*A*S*H fun

[Photo Deleted]

Courtesy of Dr. Ken!

Oops! When Dr. Ken sent me the picture, I thought it was so cool that I posted it without thinking. Sorry, Endart! If you want to see it again (or for the first time), go check out the original site. :-)

Friday, October 5, 2007

I Love M*A*S*H

Watching M*A*S*H reruns the other night. Margaret (aka "Hot Lips") gets engaged and comes back bragging about her new fiancé.

Col. Potter (looking at his picture): He's a Lieutenant Colonel.
Margaret: Oh, yes, sir. I could never love a man who didn't outrank me.

Hee hee.

Yes, I'm still alive. Working on a longer post in my spare time. Decorating the new apartment, planning a housewarming party (Theme: "M and Iris are Living in Sin!"), and playing Betty Crocker every night.

Chris, sparkle, and the princess are coming to stay for the weekend. I imagine there may be a retribution spanking at some point; sparkle and I will keep you informed. :-D