Sunday, January 13, 2008

Top Ten List

I don't agree with all the editor's choices, but some of these are wonderful. The short clips at the beginning are great! A little fun to start off your week, perhaps.

P.S. Which ones do you like and which ones not? I think my favorite is actually #4 and I actively dislike #7 (cruelty isn't my kink).


Dr. Ken said...

I give credit to whoever put this together for not automatically making "McLintock" #1. That would have been far too easy to do. At the same time, I feel like "Secretary" took the honors only because it's the newest clip of the bunch.
My own favorite is #10--or would be if they had included the entire scene instead of stopping it where they did. In the whole scene, the twin sister then gets spanked, as well.
As for dislike--I'm not crazy about #9. It all just seems too shrill.
Ultimately, Iris, it's hard to pick against your selections. #4 is very good--especially when the little girl explains to Yvonne de Carlo that if he spanks you, it means he loves you.
And #7--well, you could argue that all the other clips are of loving correction or domestic discipline, where the whole point of #7 seems to be to beat the girl senseless. And beating someone senseless is so NOT what spanking is all about....

Dr. Ken

Anonymous said...

I personally like #3 ("Postriziny"). I saw it on one of Dan Rivera's compilations years ago, and if I remember the synopsis, she was actively defying her husband by riding into town, and forgive the cliche, "asking for it".

I like his deliberateness: in how he positions her, how he administers the strokes. I like her reaction: definitely yelping but wanting it, to the point of pushing her panties down. And I like how it ends...everyone happy and the promise of more in the privacy of their bedroom. Very nice all around.

Iris said...

Dr. Ken, I totally agree with your assessment about McClintock and Secretary. Well said! I didn't know that the little girl said that to the woman in #4--I love it all the more now. :-) And though I know some folks who revel in girls being beaten senseless (coughcoughNikicough), it's not my thing either.

Chris, I like #3 for its sexiness and her enjoyment of it (oh, and the the public nature of the spanking, which is a new fantasy of mine). But I actually didn't like how he administered the strokes; if he had done them in real life, he would have hit way too high. Which isn't really my thing either.

Dr. Ken said...

In Frontier Gal, there's a scene earlier in the movie where the little girl gets spanked by Rod Cameron, and he explains to her that he spanked her because he cared and loved her (sorry, I don't know the exact dialogue, but that's the general idea).
So in the scene shown where Rod is spanking Yvonne, at some point (not shown in this clip, if I remember correctly) the little girl pipes and tells Yvonne if he spanks her, it means he loves her.
It's a nice touch to the scene....and a good message to all of us spankos. :-)

Dr. Ken