Wednesday, October 17, 2007

A rant, er, story about tops

Once upon a time there was a sweet, charming, extremely well-behaved Iris. She transgressed ever so slightly a rule that was set in stone. Feeling guilty (as all good, honest Irises do), she confessed to both M and Chris, throwing herself on their mercy. But they showed none, and she received punishment from both.

[I'm pausing a moment to let you catch your breath from the shock.]

[No, no, take your time.]

She shouldn't have been surprised, given the nature of tops. And she wasn't. She was even gracious in her acquiescence to their toppiness. But she was shocked (shocked, I tell you) by their toppy collaboration.

M's punishment was swift, immediate, painful--and over quickly. Chris' punishment was long-lasting, a little embarrassing, and not-so painful. It included (OK, was comprised entirely of) 10 minutes in the corner bare each night for 5 days, plus a sign I have to keep in my car for two weeks.


One top is NOT (not, I tell you) supposed to interfere with the punishment of another. So why did I spend 12 minutes in the corner tonight after being spanked? Toppy interference, that's why!

The moral of this story?

Tops should mind their own business! (Also, tops can't see if you stick your tongue out at the corner.)


(Oh, and if you don't mind, I'd just as soon you didn't tell M and Chris about this.)


Rose said...

Oh, Iris! You poor thing!

You know, sometimes I get a bit sad that I don't have any close spanko friends (by "close," I mean both geographically and emotionally). But things like this remind me that there is a silver lining on my sad spanko cloud... I've had several vanilla friends threaten to spank me for various things I've done. I can't imagine what I'd be going through if those friends were spankos!

And I agree, Tops should be allowed neither to collaborate on, nor interfere with, punishment of any kind. You know, sometimes I think that Tops are the most poorly behaved of all! ;)


Anonymous said...

"Toppy interference"! Of course, if one followed the rules, they wouldn't be punished additionally. Hmmmmm...

Well since Chris and I read the blog, no one really needs to tell us! ;)


Iris said...

Thank you, Rose! I appreciate the sympathy and agreement. There are a good many times I've thought that tops should just mind their own damn business completely. (But that actually wouldn't work very well, so I don't complain too much.) ;-) As for your vanilla friends, perhaps you can convert them?

And M, my love: you don't always read my blog, so I knew I had half a chance of going undetected. And I don't think your point is valid at all. Tops should stay out of each other's punishments. Period. ;-) (I love you...)

Rose said...

Convert them??? Eep! No! I'd never be able to sit down again!

sparkle said...

Oh, I read your post, Iris.

BUT, I'm not ABOUT to comment. Nope.

You may be living with one of these tops, but I have to live with the other one ;)


Anonymous said...

I read it too, Iris, in case you've forgotten.

And considering I specifically said that M should "help you" (read that as "enforce" if you wish) with the corner time, I hardly see how he can be considered to be interfering.

And, Sparkle, yes you do...good thing to remember.

BB said...

I totally agree with you Iris! But mostly because I live far enough away from you that I am safe, and I am pretty sure S doesnt read your blog. He never has used corner time on me, but Tops cant see when you stick out your tongue at em if you are OTK either. LOL

Iris said...

Eep, eep, and double eep.

(thanks for the tip, bb!)

spankable said...

Iris, you poor thing! I definitely agree, particularly since you freely confessed and you say you transgressed only *ever*so*slightly* and yet they colluded! It's outrageous!

I've only one top in my life and I don't live with him, but I do live with some friends who, for some unfathomable reason, seem to agree wtih my M that it's a good thing he keeps me in line and so will, for example, remind me that it's getting close to my bed time. Bah! Honestly, just because I leave it to the last possible minute doesn't mean I can't work the system on my own!

(Except, uh, I was consistently 5 or 10 minutes late to bed this week, so think of me when I tell M tomorrow!)

Tops also can't see you if you stick your tongue out while your face is buried in a sofa cushion. Or in my case, the pouting expression...