Thursday, October 18, 2007

Fun with Google

I've always loved looking at the random "What the Net Dragged In" topics from others' sites. It took me a good while to figure out how to access it myself,* but I have been tracking visitors and trends for the last few weeks and have some interesting things to report. Mostly, I'm interested in the things that people have entered into search engines that made them click on this blog. The most fun ones:

"sierra salem" torrent Now, I think Sierra Salem is a very sexy girl. Enviable figure, beautiful hair, and oh yes, a gorgeous bottom. But torrent? Um, sorry.

chris strokes Hee, hee. I wonder what they were actually looking for--perhaps a man with that name? So many perverted things come to mind, I can't even start listing them.

have you been spanked today? Um, not today. But yesterday. And truthfully, I probably will get spanked before the evening is out. It's been that kind of week.

And my particular favorite:
tingly sensation eyes My eyes! My eyes! ;-)

*In case you're wondering, you can sign up with Google Analytics, put an html code thing on your page, and then access all the data.


sparkle said...

Oh, that reminds me... you asked me one time Very Long Ago about how to add a comment widget.

Are you still interested in that? Or would it make it too easy for Certain Tops to follow comments long after they thought the thread had gone away?

'Cause (as you might have noticed from my blog) I know how to do it now.


Iris said...

Yes, please, I do want to know how to do it. But I want it to look like PB, where it has the name of the thread to which it pertains. Do you know how to do that kind? :-D

Rose said...

Sorry to use your comments for this, but I don't have your email address. I've been watching news reports on the California fires. I don't know where you and M are in CA, but I just wanted check that the two of you are ok...

Iris said...

Hi Rose,

M and I are fine, thanks for asking, though we do know one or two people who have been affected.

That their lives may be restored to wholeness and security, let that be our prayer.

sparkle said...


Here ya go...
1) Check my blog, see if it's what you're looking for now. (I changed the widget.)

2) Be sure you're logged into Blogger.

3) Go to

3) Put in your URL, hit "Apply" then "Add Widget to my Blog"

4) It should jump you right into the Blogger Page Elements, and add the widget as a page element.

5) I had to... hmmm... close that and go back to the Blogger Dashboard before I could reorganize the page elements, but heh... no HTML editing!

sparkle :)

Sierra Salem said...

Oh, that is too funny! LOL.