Sunday, October 14, 2007

M/M spanking

Natty just posted about something that Kayley posted a few weeks ago. (And yes, I feel like a high school sophomore just saying that.)

It made me think again about how much I love M/M stories. Not just like them. Really love them. When I first got into the scene, I came into the world through stories. First, Laura's Story Corner. I read voraciously, anything and everything I could get my hands on. Some of the stories turned me on; others shocked me; still others disgusted me; some even scared me out of my wits.

Now, much later in my evolution as a kinky woman, I am less shocked. I have more refined tastes and know what I like and don't like. But I am still surprised and still evolving. Every once in a while I read something or see something and think, " that looks interesting." Or I don't even think that, but some explosion goes off in my brain and I become instantly aroused. (Which is in and of itself a clue.)

I discovered M/M stories several years ago when I came across Ranger's stories. (I'm not sure that's the most recent link, but that's the best one I have.) Ranger led me to Rolf (same link as above), and then I found Nelson and LJ. And I fell head over heels in love.

Now, I am extremely picky when it comes to fiction. I no longer read voraciously or accept anything as good. I have enough experience in the scene and its literature that I know I can find better--or dream up better. These authors write extremely well. The characters are lively, the dialogue engaging, the punctuation impeccable.

Natty wrote: Like Kayley, I suspect what fuels my M/m fantasies are the fact that most spankings in non-kinky fiction are boys being spanked by male teachers and parents. And historically speaking, boys were far more likely to be whipped than girls.

The genre attracts me for different reasons, though. (Granted, I'm talking M/M, not M/m. So perhaps I'm talking about an entirely different genre than they are.) But I think one of the reasons I love M/M so much is that the feminism debate can't enter the picture at all. There's no question of the woman being weaker or more deserving of discipline because of her gender. In fact, these authors tackle the question of discipline head-on and resolve it simply with the "different people have different needs" argument. Which works much more cleanly in a same-gender relationship than in a hetero one. That simplicity holds a strong attraction for me. I'm free to identify with either character and free to enjoy the relationship without worrying about her motivation or his prejudices. I can enjoy the sexual spark between two people, enjoy the bratting of one, the calm sternness of the other, and the harmony that occurs in a well-functioning (if fictional) discipline relationship. And it's a good escape. Without sexist rhetoric or my internalized concern that I'm participating in a non-feminist discourse. (The liberal arts education kicks in far too easily!)

So what about you? Are you drawn to this genre? Or another genre in which you don't/can't particpate? Any reasons?


Natty said...

Granted, I'm talking M/M, not M/m. So perhaps I'm talking about an entirely different genre than they are.

Hmm...that could be. Aside from the historical accuracy thing for me, I think it's the lack of any overt sexuality (though there is definitely an underlying eroticism) that is so appealing in M/m. Also there's something yummy about the stern molding of character that seems to accompany M/m discipline. I think particularly of British public schools, but also even within father/son relationships.

But I think your point about how feminism doesn't complicate the picture is probably true too. And even though I love F/f spanking, it definitely has a different feel that I'm not quite sure how to articulate.

sparkle said...


Do you know why I used to (and still occasionally) read M/M stories? It has nothing to do with either your reasons OR Natty's?

Oh no, it's completely because of this fantasy I lived in my head in college, in which I moved in with a gay male couple (hey, I needed roommates!) who ended up turning me into their well-spanked, rather naughty submissive even though they always enjoyed each other more than me.

Heh. It's rather complicated but the whole storyline is in my head, you know?

sparkle (laughing at myself for actually admitting this)

Natty said...

But see, that makes total sense. It's the spanko hag fantasy. And as a dyed in the wool hag, I would love to have a stern gay top or couple. You get the paternal element without any sexual tension. Even if the whole thing is soooo hot. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hey Sparkle, I've had the same thoughts myself. In fact, the only friend I'm "out" to is gay ... a good friend, but unfortunately no toppy inclinations.

I agree completey with Natty. You get the paternal thing without the sexual tension, and yeah it's hot but it's nice to bury that sometimes, y'know?

I read M/M as often as I come across it. There was, once upon a time, a poster called Julnick who wrote the most incredible series of M/M spanking/relationship stories. She really hit me where it counts, in the heart.


L. said...

Delurking to tell you I LOVE Nelson. LOVE. And The Island stories. Sigh.....

Iris said...

OMG, sparkle, I agree with Natty and Red: your fantasy is very, very hot. (Um, thanks for the mind candy.) Yu-uh-um.

And I.? I love Nelson too? Wouldn't Rolf make a wonderful disciplinarian? Sigh...

Iris said...

Oops! Sorry, L! I just realized I typed the wrong initial (stupid Blogger making everything lower case). Um, welcome to the blog. I hope you stay de-lurked and keep commenting. :-D

sparkle said...

Okay, now that the boys have stopped reading this thread...

the first comment I thought of making when I saw the title M/M spanking was... "M spanked himself? Iris, you should have done it instead!"

sparkle ;)

Iris said...

HA! I love it!

Ranger said...

Thanks Iris, this was a surprise! Our most recent and complete site is at
if it's of interest to you.

Best wishes


Kayley said...

Heya guys! To be honest, I haven't read anything M/M until now ... Yeah, I should be ashamed of myself. But I used the link above... hell, it's HOT crap!

See, this is what I'm talking about: one can write so differently and so great a spanking scene between guys! When I write about M/f or M/F I always have to worry about the "humiliation" element when I don't want it to appear. But if I read or write M/M or M/m... there is no such thing. Why does M/M and M/m make more sense to me??? It feels so natural, really...

Oh, and you were right - Ranger is a terrific writer!

Aqua said...

I, too, have been interested in this genre (M/M) for years now. My first introduction to it was Ranger's Nick and Damien series and I've been following Ranger and his/her collaborations with Rolf ever since. I also enjoy the Island series by AJ and Nelson's writings, amongst others.

I think, being a girl, I also find it much easier to accept a M/M discipline scenario than a hetero one simply because of the connotations attached with having a female brat. Rather irrationally, I feel like I'm letting the side down if I read any M/f or M/F fiction and I can feel my hackles rising if a male tops a female. No matter what the reasons behind their relationship.

Also, most of the RL M/F discipline I've found online (in blogs, etc) involves living in the 'Christian' style, which opens another can of worms for me.

Anyway, with or without explanation, I really enjoy M/M fiction. And though I found your blog post two years after it was written, I felt I had to reply :)