Wednesday, April 23, 2008

De-stressing Spanking #2


I can't believe I'm writing another entry so soon.


I'm actually not stressing about the wedding now. It's been fun lately, planning in my head (no concrete decisions yet) and making appointments, but not really doing a whole lot of anything.

My job, on the other hand, is pretty stressful lately. Lots of really tiny, really important details to track and not lose. And while I'm capable of that, I'm really more of a big-picture kind of girl. But it's the deal for now (and the foreseeable future). Which means that I'm stressed at work and taking it out on myself.

And possibly on those around me.

Tonight I got home, tired from the day, with one hand/arm completely full of groceries for our six dinner guests (invited by M), and the other hand loaded with my purse, our mail, and my keys. And couldn't get into the apartment. Even when I kicked and knocked on the door. After dropping the groceries, most of the mail, and my keys, M finally opened the door. I was not pleased.

"Surly" is the word M might have used.

Fast forward past me being annoyed and snapping at M, then trying to make nice while still stressed, then biting his nose (playfully, I swear!), then accidentally boxing his ears (no, really. I genuinely would not do that ever on purpose). Then realizing that I was not being nice and walking back to his office to apologize.

En route, he met me in the hallway, cheerfully accepted my apology, and dragged me into the bedroom. I didn't know what was going on, but didn't protest. He flopped me over his knee, over the bed (we have a tall bed), and I caught sight of the three implements on my vanity. Serious leather straps, all. Um, yikes.

I got scolded. And strapped. Hard. Over my jeans, but still. He said that he knew I was wound up and that I really needed to be spanked. And more than being spanked, I needed to know that I was being spanked, which meant that it actually needed to be louder than sharp. (An unusual occurrence for me.) So I got strapped. Until I settled way the heck down. And then I got snuggled.

And I apologized sincerely for all my behavior.

And I de-stressed.

Sigh. I guess it does work.


Paul said...

Iris, of course it works, specially if the person doing the spanking really loves you!!!
Warm hugs,

sara said...

Nice Iris! Your blogging is really picking up! ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, they do work well, don't they? I think I'm going to start a pool for the number (De-stressing Spanking # x) that will be given the day before the wedding. And I say the day before only because he can't see you the day of...though there just might be a few other people there who'd be willing to serve as a surrogate. ;-)

Iris said...

It definitely works better if the person loves you. :-)

Chris, all I have to say is pbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbt! Nah.

Indiana said...

I like Chris's delightfully wicked suggestion for a pool! There may even be multiple winners given the terms of the bet...

Hope work becomes less stressful soon, Iris!

Dr. Ken said...

I can't believe there have only been 2.....:-)

Dr. Ken