Thursday, May 1, 2008

I Love Thursdays

So Thursdays have become my new favorite day of the week.

Not because I love my job so much.

Not because I am a mid-week kind of girl.


Thursdays are my new favorite day because we now have two friends who are only available to come over on Thursdays. And they're fun. And kinky. One of them kisses divinely and the other can spank like no one's business. Yum.

How did we discover this? Like many good things in life, they were both under our noses (sort of). Lily has been a friend of ours for a long time, but has recently become a good friend, if you know what I mean. (And by "what I mean," I mean "she is very sexy and funny and sweet and likes to kiss both of us but especially me." Which is delightful.) She's just starting to explore her kinky side in a more public way (we're hoping to entice her to Shadow Lane with us) and she's becoming fairly adept at sassing, especially at funny moments. She loves the sensual, power play side of WIIWD*, but also enjoys watching other people get spanked.

D has been a friend of M's for a long time, but I'd never really met him until last week when he spanked me hard. Really hard. Hard enough that I was giggling and wiggling and a little bruised (and I don't bruise easily). Yum. This week he gave me a semi-mock punishment. I say "semi-mock" because the reason was nominal: I had gotten busy and hadn't checked my email for a few days, which meant that I hadn't responded to his emails. (Which is apparently really rude.) But the punishment felt real enough--I may have mentioned this before, but he spanks hard. Even just with his hand when he's trying not to bruise me because I'm trying on wedding dresses tomorrow with my mom and my sister.

Two strong, stern men to spank me for fun and for real with hands and various implements. A beautiful, sensual woman to kiss before, during, and after said spankings. Oh yeah, I definitely love Thursdays.

*What It Is We Do


Jessica said...

Thank you for the asterisk. I don't always get the acronyms! Oh, and it sounds like your Thursdays are much more fun than mine!


Anonymous said...

Wow...I'm not sure which image I like better: D spanking you or Lily kissing you.

I think I'll take both!

Raven said...

Oh my.


I now know what sort of images are going to be on my mind all day...



p.s. Enjoy trying on wedding dresses today!!! Have fun with it and don't take it too seriously. Really. And if you see any Bridezillas...or any associated salespeople responding in kind, laugh loud and hard, and don't let it shake you or bother your enjoyment of today.

Paul said...

Iris, nice picture, you being kissed before, during and after a spanking, sounds like great fun, enjoy and post more, please.
Warm hugs,

D said...


I couldn't agree more. Thursday is now my favorite day of the week too.

Its so good to reconnect with M after all this time.

I'm pleasantly surprised at how much you enjoy the intensity of my spankings. You're a rare lady indeed!

See you soon.

- D

Iris said...

Jessica, it's a big pet peeve of mine when people use acronyms but don't explain them. (Though I'm probably guilty of it too from time to time.) Glad that was helpful. It's a term that Mija uses on Punishment Book; you can probably find more discussion on it by Googling "WIIWD" and "Punishment Book."

Chris and Paul, I don't mind you envisioning either images! I certainly do...

Raven, I really really did have fun wedding dress shopping. The saleswoman was just lovely and my mom and my sister were thoughtful and appreciative. I bought the second one I tried on: the one that made me cry when I looked at myself in the mirror (and not for bad reasons!).

D, we're so pleased to have you as a friend. You've completely re-energized a day of the week. ;-)

Dr. Ken said...

I gotta get me some friends like that.... :-)

Dr. Ken

PS--that wedding dress must be awesome. And I'm sure the fact you are wearing it makes it even more so...

Anonymous said...

Actually, I'm a bit jealous of both of them too.

OK, a LOT jealous. ;-)