Wednesday, April 16, 2008

BIG news!

So first, a mea culpa for not posting sooner. A variety of reasons, including me going through my apparently seasonal loss of interest in spanking (seems to be every spring, which is counterintuitive, but that's what it is). Also we've just been really busy. And I'm sorry not to be posting anything long, witty, insightful, or juicy. But here's the news:

M and I are engaged!

Hopefully this will make up for some of my recent absence. And I really will try to be better about posting, even though I'm now planning a wedding. :-)


Paul said...

Oh, how terribly predictable. Yawn. :-)

sara said...

Congratulations M and Iris!!!!!

Paul said...

Iris, great news, I hope that you and M will be very happy.
Warm hugs,

sparkle said...

Oh, I want to so leave a bratty comment... but I will hold my tongue.

Love you :)

Anonymous said...

What wonderful news; congratulations to you both! Spending the rest of your life with someone you love deeply, and who takes care of you in the special way that M does is such a gift.

Raven said...

I was so hoping that would be your news!!!!!

Warm blessings to you two,

Anonymous said...

Since my wife's biting her tongue, I'll say it...

'Bout damn time!


Congrats, you two. I can't think of any two people I'm happier to hear about getting engaged.

Love you.


Dr. Ken said...

Dear Iris,
Well, about F'ing which, of course, I mean congratulations to you both! :-)
Have you set a date?

Hugs to you,
Dr. Ken

Iris said...

[blush] Awww, thanks, guys! (Except Paul #1, to whom I say, "Pbbbbt.") More than one of M's family members had similar comments. :-) No date yet. We have a state, a season, and I have an appointment at a dress shop. I'll keep you posted on all the fun stuff, including the de-stressing spankings that (ahem) may be a part of the process.

Anonymous said...


Oh, how excellent! Best wishes to both of you, and I'm soooooo glad I checked the blog tonight. On a day I hear sad news, I hear good as well. And so life goes on ... wonderful life.