Monday, March 10, 2008

Euphoric Tendencies

I'm back from my trip and want to rave about the play I flew there to see, Euphoric Tendencies. It's fantastic. Seriously. Anyone who lives anywhere near NYC (and by "near," I mean "Boston, DC, Maine, or Georgia") needs to make the effort to go. Trust me, it's well worth it.

Granted, I'm pretty biased. I mean, I have slept with the author, director, and two of the actors (which only adds up to two people). And both of them have spanked me. But even setting that aside, this is still a really good show. It's funny, it's well-written, the cast does a wonderful job, and it has lots of spanking. What more can you ask for?

The basic plot line is similar to Secretary in that there's a young woman who doesn't have a good sense of herself and she finds both her identity and her creative juices through spanking. But unlike Secretary (a movie I really like, by the way), the main character isn't portrayed as deeply flawed when she starts out--just confused and a little lost. And I think this shows a much more playful and joyful side to the scene; not nearly as intense as the movie.

So that's my plug for the day, kids. I have lots more to write about, but I'm already late for work. Wanted to make sure I got the link up today, though.

Go. See. It.


Paul said...

Iris, that's high praise indeed, the author, Director and two actors have spanked you, not all at the same time I hope. LOL
I'd gladly purchase a ticket if some one will buy me a return fare to Cornwall, England.
It seems that you had a good break, I look forward to reading all about it, or at least the bits that you care to publish. WEG
Warm hugs,

Dave said...

this sounds highly intriguing! Hope they stage the production in Boston in the near future :-)


Mitch said...

I'm so pleased to see Euphoric Tendencies get a good review! Yoni and Tasha are great people, good friends, and deserve the best.

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