Monday, August 20, 2007

Noise? What Noise?

M and I were away in the north this weekend, visiting his parents.  One night before bed we were goofing around and he threatened me with a hairbrush and a paddle.  

"You don't have a paddle with you!"  (I am bluffing.  He often does pack a paddle when we travel.)

"Oh no?"  Paddle not-so-magically appears from his suitcase.

"Yeah?  Well, you can't use it!  Way too loud with your parents next door!"  Feeling very smug and satisfied with myself.

He grins.  An evil grin.  "Nah.  I figure I give you one good crack and then start cursing: 'Ow!  My toe!  Stupid, mother-f@*#ing bed!  Ow!'"

Damn, he's good.

Oh, and my favorite find of the weekend?  The new pizza place in town, called SWACKS!  (Upper case letters and exclamation point included).  


Anonymous said...

Yeahhhhhhhhhh! I just found you after following you on punishment book, and with Chris and Sparkle. I'm so happy that you have your own blog now - I'm sure I'll love it. Thanks for allowing comments from us shy anons.

Iris said...

Hi Anonymous,

You're most graciously welcome to lurk here and comment to your heart's content. (Um, constructively, of course.)

Delighted to have you. (And I mean that in the singular and plural senses of "you", since I imagine there are other Anonymouses out there.)

New Beginnings said...

Oh my he is good! A fellow as creative as that is going to get in a spanking any time he thinks one is in order! What fun!


Katie James said...

Lol the stubbing toe idea is a good one lol! It made me laugh out loud for real :)

cowgirl6510 said...

Hi, found your blog through ASS's wink! Just started reading your blog from the beginning. Love it so far, and M is good. I started LMAO at his remark... too funny!