Thursday, August 16, 2007

Fun with Art

I've had these pictures for a long time, just waiting to post them somewhere. When I was in grad school I worked in the library; this statue sat in the middle of the atrium for about six months. It made working there simultaneously more interesting and more, um, distracting.

My question is this: what the hell do you think the artist thought the figures were doing?


Anonymous said...

It's probably meant to be some kind of tribal dance. And if I were a closeted spanko sculptor, that's exactly what I'd claim it was. "Wow, now that you mention it, it DOES kinda look like a spanking!"

Welcome to the blog world, Iris!

Iris said...

In my vanilla headspace, I also think it looks like two people laughing so hard they're holding on to each other so they don't fall down.

But I don't get into that headspace very often. :-D

Terri said...

I must not have vanilla headspace anymore, because I can't see past it looking exactly like a scene J and I have played out in the past WEG!

Welcome to blog-land Iris :)

Dr. Ken said...

Hi, Iris!
Congratulastions on your blog. I'm really looking forward to reading this.
Well, if I was the sculptor, and people asked me about it, I'd just keep giving different answers--"They're dancing", "It's the Circle of Life"--until some smart lady came up to me and asked, "Is that a depicting a spanking?" and then I'd ask her out for coffee to discuss it....

Dr. Ken

Bonnie said...

Hi Iris!

Welcome to the neighborhood! I wish you the very best with your new blog. I've enjoyed your writing on the Punishment Book and I'm delighted that you now have your own blog.

As for the sculpture, well, uh, it looks like a spanking to me. OTOH, I might not qualify as an unbiased observer!

With warm regards,

Anonymous said...

It's either a spanking or...

Nope, it's a spanking.

Iris said...

Dr. Ken, I love that you can turn this into an opportunity for romance. You old softie, you! :-) (I think it would be a great "how we met" story.)

And Bonnie, it's delightful to see you here--thank you for the welcome!