Sunday, December 7, 2008


Sometimes I want to be spanked.

And sometimes I don't.

Sometimes I want to be held accountable by a stern, loving, unyielding external force.

And sometimes I just want to make my own decisions.

Sometimes I want to be a little girl, petted and cuddled and swatted for being naughty.

And sometimes I need to be a grown up.

Lately I've been feeling more like the latter of all these pairs. It's not that I've lost interest in spanking, more that my interest is captured elsewhere. We also had a lot to do for the wedding and parties, so I've been highly organized and responsible for the last while and it's getting to feel like a habit. When M has threatened to spank me or has given me rules lately, I shrug and do what he wants--not so much from submission as from an innate knowing that he's right. I don't feel the need to be naughty or willful or even to ask outright for a spanking. Just don't need it now.

I'm not worried about having lost my spanking mojo: there are always ebbs and flows in spanking desire. Being in an ebb means that other things get done. Being in a flow means lots of spanking. [grin]

Besides, how long do you really think I can be good, even if it's genuine?


Indy said...

Still, I'll bet it would have been really fun to take off from that restaurant without M and Chris. But I suppose it would have been setting a bad example for the Princess, which I'm sure you try very hard not to do. At least with anything important... :-)

Indy (known as 'The Instigator' to parents the world over)

Iris said...

Indy, I totally agree! And the only thing I regret is that the Princess thought of it before I did (though I still wouldn't have done it). Of course, being slightly closer to parenthood than before, I'm now torn between being an Instigator and an Enforcer. Hm. Identity crisis.

Anonymous said...

Indy, I know this may shock you, but dear, sweet Iris is the one who's responsible for teaching the princess the dreaded "Are we there yet?" question.

I've spanked her for it. Sparkle's spanked her for it. And she's not done getting spanked for it...the statute of limitations doesn't expire until the princess is 18.

Not to mention the fact that, once she has kids of her own, WE get to do some payback. And the princess will probably help.

As for how long Iris can be good...I'm not even gonna touch that one. :-D

Impish1 said...

I wondered where you were - never did I guess you were being grown-up and good, maybe making your own decisions, but not good! ;-)

Iris said...

Uh, not so much "good" as "staying under the radar," Impish1. :-D

And, Chris? If the princess is still asking if you're there yet, that's not MY fault. Clearly you haven't discouraged the question enough. Or perhaps you don't drive fast enough. Whichever. See how good I'm being?

Dr. Ken said...

How long do I think you can be good?
How long will it take me to finish typing this sentence...?

Dr. Ken

Impish1 said...

Why Iris, you're absolutely right! Chris must have lost control of his household, mmm? And surely letting that kind of thing continue in her daughter...well, I wouldn't want to get Sparkle in trouble (teehee).