Wednesday, December 10, 2008

More Fun with Google

It's been a while since I went through the search terms that led you poor hapless suckers here. So let's review, shall we? :-D

edward spanking bella Oh God, I hope so. Seriously, if you find some good spanking fanfic, would you pass it on? Because I have Googled long and hard and not found anything decent.

pajama spankings These are the really serious kind. When cotton takes on cotton.

"spanked on weddind night" Spellcheck much?

need good old fashioned spanking, over the knee You and a whole lotta other people, my friend.

outside of the iris eye is not round Uh, I'm not sure, but I'm guessing this isn't what you were looking for, huh?

slippered my bottom hurts Hey! Mine too!

spanked and dragged to bed Spanked and sent to bed--Yes. Spanked and dragged to bed--a little too Caveman for my tastes.

spanking ow! Only if you do it right, darlin'.

youtube - through the eyes of love Again, this site was probably not the searcher's target...

spanking when hormonal Sometimes hormones make you want to spank, sometimes they make you want to be spanked. But spanking and hormones should only be mixed by trained professionals. Don't say I didn't warn you.

And my personal favorite:
trough iris eyes Which are really, really, really deep blue eyes. ;-)


Kelly said...

LOL!!! I just found you through "edward spanking bella." and I agree. For the love of God please! Will someone please write some twilight spanking fanfiction! I mean every other word out of his mouth and every single thing she does is just an invitation for him to put her across his knee!

Anywho, I'm glad I stumbled on your blog. It looks fun :)


Caroline Grey said...

Haha. I just might have to do that. I was just telling my boyfriend that the whole series reads like the world's longest spanking story, just without any spanking. I went online to see if anyone had done it yet, and that's how I found your blog. :)

-WellHeeledGirl. said...

It really really does!
I was getting so frustrated over that!
Thank god its not just me then:L

that ones fairly good but its just a short one off, i need someone to write me books about it!

Anonymous said...

"Over my knee now Bella!" he comanded.

"Edward please, no."

I knew I deserved this. I was in huge trouble. I had gotten lost in the forest, and Victoria was still on the loose. When Edward found me he was not pleased. before I could protest we were in that same room. And I was in trouble.

"Yes Bella. Now come lay over my lap and take off your pants."

"Edward please, no."

"Over my knee now Bella!" he comanded.

I went over. I removed my jeans and sat over his cold lap. Even through the jeans he was wearing I could feel it.

H lifted his had and THWAK! It came down again and again . He was moving so fast I couldn't even see his hand. Or his arm. The fire was unbearable. My bottom was raging, then he stopped.

He examined my bottem the lifted me up and said, "I am so sorry Bella but I don't want Victoria," he growled at the name, "I don't want that monster to hurt you."

"Was this nessisary though?" I said.

"Yes." He replied and then leaned closer to kiss me.

Anonymous said...

The Tree Stump

This is a little mini-chapter I’m writing. It’s in Twilight, the chapter after the epilogue and before the sneak-peek at New Moon. Edward is going to finally deal with Bella the way he sees fit for running away to tango with James—the way it would have been in his day. This is my first time writing something like this, so if a part is incorrect or weird…shoot me. I’d heal.
All characters belong to Stephanie Meyer, don’t sue me, I’m broke.
It was about a month after the dance, and my leg had healed faster than expected. The cast was off, and I only used the brace if some pain flared up, or to get out of gym. It was Saturday, and I was with Edward in his Volvo, speeding toward his house.
He pulled in at the house and came to the side to open my door.
“I think we should take a little walk today. You’re mostly healed, now all you have to do is build up some muscle that was lost,” he said, eyeing my leg.
“Do we have to? I thought you were going to play me that new piece tonight,” I whined. It was the first night I was spending at Edward’s house, though I had told Charlie I was spending the night at Jessica’s.
“Yes, we do.” His face and voice were cheerful enough, but I got the undercurrent of something needing doing.
He steered me to the nearest patch of woods. There was a little trail there, but I figured that it was probably the path they took into the forest to hunt. Except, it looked like it hadn’t been used in a few months. Probably recently, but there were little things that told of time-since-used like the grass growing a little too far into the little dirt path.
We came to the end of the much-used trail, and there was a clearing with a tree stump right in the middle. He led me over to it.
“Bella,” he started with a serious face. “You know how I feel about when you went off to meet James without telling us. Since that day, actually, on that day, I have thought of three other ways we could have done it without you risking your life like you did.” Why was this coming up now?
“Bella, in my day, when a girl of your age did something so recklessly stupid,” I cringed at that. “There were consequences. Now, you may think I’m a barbarian for what I’m about to do, but I see no other way to get through, really. You CANNOT ever endanger your life like that again. I just won’t stand for it.”
He took my arm as he sat down on the stump. I was face down on his lap faster than I could have blinked. As he adjusted me, it sunk in. his hands were on my hips, raising my rear end just a bit.
“Edward, what are you doing?” my voice didn’t give away anything. It was just low and dull like when I asked Alice the same question when she was fixing my hair for the dance a month ago.
“Can’t you tell?” he asked solemnly. I gave a yelp as I felt my jeans and underwear being lowered.
“Edward, what the hell? You CAN’T be serious. EDWARD!” I yelped as I felt a smack land against my bare right bottom cheek. He was REALLY doing this.
I felt his hand coming down again and again, landing hard fiery smacks against my bottom. What hurt about the same amount, if not worse, was the fact that I scared him bad enough to drive him to this. With that realization, I started to cry.
He landed about twenty-five more firm whacks against my bottom after that. It felt like it was literally burning and throbbing with fire.
He gathered me into his arms and held me, kissing away my tears.
“W-why?” I asked.
“I told you why,” he answered. “Because you were stupidly reckless enough to endanger your life and earn it.”
He pulled me into a long kiss, and I woke up.
Crap. That was the third night since it happened that I had dreamed about it.
“Glad to know I make such a lasting impression.” I heard Edward’s voice somewhere on the left side of the room. I unconsciously reached down and rubbed my bottom through my sweats, and winced. I hadn’t thought of the fact that I’d talk in my sleep about it. How embarrassing! I felt my face get hot.
“Yeah, well…” I mumbled.
“You know, love,” he started with a faint grin. “You have to sit today. It’s Monday. I’m not going to let you skip school.”
I made up my mind to never endanger my life again.
I thought back to what the night at his house was like. I could have sworn I saw Rosalie smirking about half the time out of the corner of my eye.
I asked him about it later, and he said that everyone in the house most likely heard. But, it wasn't a new thing around here apparently. he said he had heard every female in this house get their bottoms thoroughly spanked at least twice. he had stopped counting his sister's, but Esme was a rather rare occasion.
"How long has it been?" he asked himself. "About thirty years. hmm. you know, bells, almost nothing in this house is completely private."
great. that was great.

what'd ya think? you can contact me at ororomunroe531@ g mail .com with no spaces.

Anonymous said...

In case anyone is interested, i just started a website called and i will be writting spanking fics if anyone wants to read em and you can post them there too... i think.

:D please look at it!

~Rora Jack

(You can also reach me at

Anonymous said...

lol I thought I was the only one who found the site by looking up "Edward spanking Bella." I'm glad I'm not the only one who did that. That entire book was one long tease. You just knew he wanted to give her a good OTK spanking, and you knew she wanted one, but it never happened. And then the movies have completely screwed up their relationship. Instead of Edward being the sexy dom that he is in the books, he's this wuss. I think the movie makers were scared of being un-PC or that part of the story completely escaped them and the actors as well. Maybe the legions of women getting hot over Edward haven't figured out that that's part of his appeal or maybe they just don't want to admit it. Whatever.