Saturday, November 29, 2008

Chris, step away from the Barbie doll

Chris, sparkle, and their princess came down to see us today. It was a lovely visit and we had much more of a chance to talk than we did at the wedding. (Weddings, particularly your own, are ridiculously bad times to try to catch up with people.) M took the princess skateboarding and then sparkle gave her a bath while Chris spanked me with two hairbrushes and M watched. And I wasn't even bad! Chris said it was just to remind me that he cares about me; I hmphed and requested that he care about me a little more with his hand and a little less with the ebony brush.

The point of this post, however, is to highlight a fabulous new doll that their princess got for her birthday. The princess certainly loves it, but Chris couldn't seem to stop playing with it.

It looks innocuous, doesn't it?

The secret to this Barbie is that her tail moves backward when you push little invisible buttons in her hips.

And it rather looks like she's trying to spank herself. Or maybe that's just us. ;-)


Anonymous said...

lol, taht Chris wants to play with it/ and yes I agree he should've showed you more wtih his hand than the brush;brushes are evil.

spankingbarbie said...

why do you think Chris want's to spank me Iris? I am a Barbie and I happen to have a fin just like that! The ebony hairbrush, huh? That Chris can be such a brat! I don't think I ever said congrats on your wedding...and big relief for you I'm sure now that it's done.


Iris said...

Jean, I agree: hairbrushes are definitely evil!

And Barbie, I had no idea you had a self-spanking mermaid fin! Lucky girl. Thanks for the wedding congrats. We're definitely glad to have all the work behind us, though I'm missing some of the fun parts. :-)

sparkle said...

Well, now that Barbie has gone swimming in the bathtub, I'm not sure how much she'll be spanking. Although I maintain my assertion that playing with Barbie dolls is good hand therapy.

sparkle :)

Anonymous said...

lol, sparkle/ playing with barbie dools is a fun way to exercise the hand.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I was thinking that the way her fin kicked up reminded me of how Iris kicks when she's getting a punishment.

And she forgot to mention that the spanking was "interest" on the overdue punishment she has coming. She didn't get it that trip because: 1) the princess can't stay in the bath that long, and 2) I need my left arm healed to hold her in place for it.

And yes, also just to show I care.

Iris said...

Hm! :->