Thursday, July 10, 2008

I'm getting spanked

I finally broke down this morning and asked M to spank me hard.

He nodded sleepily, pulled me tight up against him, and whispered into my hair, "I love you, beautiful. And I'm going to give you a really serious spanking tonight."


"The kind that goes on way too long."


"The kind that has you wishing it were over way before it is."


But it's ok. I soooo need it.


Paul said...

Iris, I do hope that you will take copious notes, in between wriggling, crying and ouching.
Your fans need to know.
Warm hugs,

sparkle said...

Be good. I recommend sticking out your tongue once or twice before he has the chance to follow through.

sparkle (helpfully)

Iris said...

Hey! No help from the peanut gallery!

sparkle said...

I think that's the second time you've called me a peanut recently. I'm going to get a complex or somebody is going to have to give me a good squeeze and shell me.


spankingbarbie said...

You to ME to be careful? haha. Hope it went well.


Anonymous said...

As one who always greatly enjoys it when you're spanked hard (whether or not I'm the one doing the spanking), I was quite glad to read this.

And as for my wife's comments, I think a good squeezing, shelling or whatever other sort of peanut-based double entendre you can come up with is certainly in order.