Friday, July 11, 2008

48 Hours

I'm sorry. I know you're waiting for the follow-up to yesterday's post. And it's half-written. But something new has cropped up and it takes precedence.

There's no way to tell this story but down and dirty:

I am sore from last night's spanking. Really, really sore.

M is leaving for two days of hiking. Tonight.

He was mostly distracted while packing and getting ready--until just before he left.

He grabbed my incredibly sore bottom and twisted. Then pulled me over his lap and spanked me HARD.

Then gave me a rule for tonight: at least one hour of work on my project before I go to sleep. Or else I get woken up Sunday night and strapped hard with the horrible plastic-y strap from Cody and Nisha.

I helped him carry things to his car in the garage. He grabbed a handful of my hair, pulled me up tight against him, kissed me passionately, and informed me that I am not allowed to orgasm for the next two days.


Not at all. I am not allowed to come until he's home and fucks me. If I come at all in the next two days I will not be allowed to come for a week--


and I'll be strapped hard every night of that week.




And then he left. Kissed me hard and pulled out of the garage.

I was so turned on.

And then he came back.

He'd forgotten his fishing rod. Looked inside the carrier and found four canes. As a testament to how turned on I was, I bent over and invited him to try them on my (have I mentioned?) incredibly sore bottom.

He did.

I squealed.

He grabbed a fistful of my hair, pushed me into the wall, grabbed my pussy, and we made out like horny teenagers.

But I didn't come.

I was literally panting and moaning. Close to begging.

He said, "You may need a cold shower in order to get your work done."

And before I knew it, he tugged me in the bathroom, stripped me, turned on the cold water, and literally shoved me into the shower.

Not just into the water a little.

He pushed me into the water, then he pushed my head (my hair!) under the stream, then pulled me back so that my face got wet too.

Then he pulled my head out of the water, kissed me hard, and said, "I'll see you in two days. Be good."

I stood there, spluttering and shivering (from cold and turned-on-ed-ness) before turning on the warm water and watching it run off my rock-hard nipples in sheer frustration.

That may have been the single sexiest, single most frustrating encounter of my life.

I better get to work on my project.

I'm so gonna need another shower.


Bridget said...

mmmmmm this was nice! This is the kind of thing I get to experience once in a blue moon, but usually we have kiddos staring so it's a lot rarer.

I feel you on the orgasms sweetie!I'm waiting for a yes answer myself because my Owner guy thinks its funny. Yeah. *hugs*

Iris said...

We haven't done a lot with orgasm denial, for a variety of reasons. I'm thinking this is either because he's feeling toppy after the spanking he saw me get the other night or because sparkle and Chris have finally planted enough seeds. It's gotta be someone's fault! :-) *hugs back in shared sympathy*

spankingbarbie said...

That was the hottest thing I have read in quite awhile. Oh. My. God.

Paul said...

Iris who is such a lucky girl, and who is going to get such a seeing to when M gets back, Wicked grin.
Warm hugs,

sparkle said...

It is *not* my fault. *stamps foot*

So there.

sparkle ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh, I'm happy to take full responsibility for any such seeds we've planted...but I wouldn't want to claim more credit than is due. I think M's imagination deserves most of that.

But as for my wife, you can certainly blame her all you wish and deal with her as you see fit.

Anonymous said...

Oh my god - and now what am I supposed to do with all these feelings - you are so evil! I guess misery loves company: thanks for sharing! LOL ;-)

Iris said...

Glad to see that this tickled some people's fancies. :-D

And sparkle, love? It may not be your fault, but that doesn't mean I can't hold you accountable. WEG.

sparkle said...

I know, I know... ;)

Natty (aka Michelle) said...

One, just have to add my "OMG that was so HOT".

Two, M. is a mean, mean boy.

CJ said...


I sure hope that life has you now more satisfied then when you posted this fantastic story.

I am thinking your "M" has a true sadistic side of him! lol


Anonymous said...

There's nothing so boring as a "me, too" post, but I can't resist! OMFG ... this was ... was ... well damnitall *I* need a cold shower now!

Whew! Well then. Um, that's about all the coherence I'm capable of at the moment. Lucky gal. Lucky, lucky gal.