Friday, July 4, 2008

I Admit It

I so want an ass like these women.


So much.


Raven said...

Oh...looking at them is the next best thing! ;)


sparkle said...

Have you ever seen yourself in latex pants?

If you were naked and washing the hood of a sports car, you'd be just as luscious. More so, 'cause you wouldn't have to have the photographer touch up the photo.

You clearly haven't been spanked in a couple of days. Not hard enough, anyway.

sparkle :p

Paul said...

Iris, I agree with Sparkle, I'll bet that M is very happy with your ass!!!
Warm hugs,

Anonymous said...

I agree with everything my wife said...especially the sentiment that you've not been spanked hard enough lately.

You have a most lovely backside, missy, and while the ones you posted are lovely as well, they don't hold a candle to yours.

Now go make M show you how much HE appreciates it.

Raven said...

See, Sparkle and Chris have the benefit of having met you.

I am absolutely sure you have lovely assets and am rather enjoying the eye candy you posted. ;-)

Iris said...

Sheesh! I had no idea this would inspire such toppiness! :-)

These women have spectacular butts--which they earned through hours and hours of squats and lunges and other things I haven't the time or inclination to do. I just wish I could magically have the results without the work--is that too much to ask?

Yes, Paul, M does like my ass; he fondles it, admires it, and slaps it multiple times a day. Which is a highly admirable quality in a man.

And sparkle, I don't think I've ever worn latex pants--I'll leave them to Angelina. ;-)

As for sparkle and Chris' comments about me needing to be spanked, well they were particularly unhelpful: M took your advice!

CJ said...

psssst Iris I understand your comments completely about the bottoms. I am definitely on your side. Wish there was an easier way to make it happen.

btw I think your blog is great. I found it via Dr. Kens

Iris said...

Hi cj! Nice to see you here. Dr. Ken is a good friend of mine, though I haven't seen him in a while. I thought he might particularly appreciate this post, especially since it has three of his favorite women... :-)

Welcome to the blog!

Dr. Ken said...

I have had the pleasure of seeing--and spanking--your bottom (granted, only once or twice) and trust me--it's terrific as is! Too bad during your stay in Minnesota you weren't in actuality a girl next door.....:-)

Dr. Ken