Saturday, March 1, 2008

Living in a Petri Dish

For all my good intentions about posting more in February, life intervened and good intentions fell by the wayside. And by "life," I mean, "M got really really sick again and then gave me part of it so that I was only-kinda-sorta sick." Which sucks. We are so tired of being sick, coughing, navigating piles of used Kleenex, and being separated from our normal lives. This weekend, the first time we're both feeling more like ourselves, we're cleaning and organizing and doing our best to rout out the germs that have become too comfortable in our house. Here's to a better, healthier March!

Sadly, this has also meant very few spankings in our house. Of any kind, punishment or playful. I did get hairbrushed a little teeny bit for going to Curves one morning when I was way too sick to go. And I got a "calm down, you're getting too worked up" spanking the other night. But not a lot of fun things to report.

But given how long it's been since we've played and/or I've been naughty, I think you'll be getting more fun reports soon.


Dr. Ken said...

IRIS--sorry to hear that both of you were sick. It always sucks when reality gets in the way of the fun times. Glad to hear you're both feeling better. Now you can make up for lost time! :-)

Dr. Ken

Paul said...

Iris, sorry to hear that you have both been, heres hoping that you both make a full recovery.
Hopefully spring and M will make you tingle in all the right places. Chuckles.
Warm hugs,

Iris said...

Hi Doc Ken and Paul! Thanks for the good wishes. We're neither of us 100%, but we're getting back to normal. Hope to be back to the fun stuff soon...