Friday, December 14, 2007

Spanking the Sick One

If your girlfriend had been home all day long, miserable and sick and alone, would you spank her? Even if she said that she still doesn't feel good and is achy and doesn't feel good?

Of course you wouldn't. That's because you're nice and you understand that when there are pre-existing agreements for things that have to get done, they don't apply when people get sick. Which means that you don't take someone by the hand, lead her into the bedroom, pull down her pajama pants, bend her over your knee, and spank her. You cuddle her and baby her and bring her more Vernors.*

Now could someone please explain that to M?

It's too late for today, but might save me for tomorrow.

* To be fair, M did do all these things too. But who's interested in being fair when you're sick and just got spanked?


Sara said...

Iris, "You cuddle her and baby her"...well absolutely! Clearly M does not know the 'rules' and needs us to write him a list. Unfortunately I cannot be there with you to present them, but you do so and report back! :) Feel better! Sara

Anonymous said...

" can jump on his belly and call him old Nelly...I'll wait for you over here." Shel Silverstein


Iris said...

Sara, I think this is an excellent idea! In fact, watch the blog in the coming days for something along these lines.

And M, I had no idea you were so up on Mr. Silverstein's poetry! Well played. :-)

Raven said...

How on earth does someone who's in bed sick earn a spanking?

Just curious...


Iris said...

Helpful, Raven, thanks.

Actually, it was a spanking for omission, not commission. Something I didn't do (COULDN'T do) because I was sick.

That's why. But thanks for the support... ;-)

Raven said...

LOL... immediately after posting I remembered back to being under the weather & pregnant and how many times I tend to overdo it in those circumstances. It became clearer...

Do hope you're feeling better; methinks you are, given some of the fun posts coming out about the visit!