Saturday, December 22, 2007


Sparkle and I are trapped in my house with two tops! And only the princess to save us!

We definitely need an infusion of brats/subs/bottoms to tip the balance in our favor.

Otherwise, heaven help us!



Student Discipline said...

OH NO!! You poor things, this is an emergency!

Fortunately I already have made up several ice cube trays of jello, made with extra gelatine for extra bounce. Here, you stash a few of these in the toes of their shoes (heck and their Christmas stockings, why not?) while I get started on digging a fire pit, for the barbecue... It would be nice to cook over a barbecue this evening, wouldn't it? And we'll need lots of things to help it burn hotter, so why don't you bring me out all the ebony hairbrushes and dragon canes and so forth?

(N.B. This may not be the kind of help you were looking for...)

Rose said...

Oh no! You poor things!

Unfortunately I am nearly all the way across the country from you, or I'd happily help tip the scales in your favor.

Ah, well, at least my tush is safe. ;) Red wouldn't dare spank me over the holidays... I hope.

Anonymous said...

Iris - The only "tipping", my dear, will be you getting tipped over my lap later today.

SD - Sadly, open fires are illegal here. I'm afraid that, being a representative of the fire service, I'll have to strongly enforce that prohibition.

Rose - Don't forget, red is a very cheery holiday color.

Anonymous said...

And we're soon to find out what happens when Sparkle takes the princess out for a walk and leaves Iris home with the two tops.

Stay tuned!

sparkle said...

I know when to cut and run, it seems. Or at least, when to give in to the pleading from a tiny voice to play in the sand.

If Iris wanted the princess to stay within smacking range, she shouldn't have moved to a place where the princess can see the sand from the guest room windows ... :)


Raven said...

Brat? Brat? Did someone call for an extra brat?

Oh the fun that could be had...

Student Discipline said...

Chris, it wasn't really going to be an open fire, I was going to dig a pit and line it with stones and everything. Surely that's okay??

Anonymous said...

Use of fire for such destructive purposes is certainly not OK and must be severely punished.