Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Shadow Lane 2007

M and I just got back from Vegas and the Shadow Lane party. Highlights from the weekend:

· Doing a role play with HH, where I was an 18-year-old miscreant caught out after curfew, causing a breach of the peace with drunk and disorderly conduct. As an American tourist, I didn’t know that the British deal with such behavior in a barbaric and archaic fashion: by dressing the girl in a school uniform and sending her for “corporal correction.” Mmmm, lovely.

· Playing with M in a suite party and gathering a crowd because of the intensity of the spanking. It wasn’t for punishment—purely fun—but my endorphins were flowing and I took a seriously hard session with a wooden paddle and a thick strap. It was so hard that Niki Flynn was literally cowering in the corner watching! One gentleman asked me very politely afterward, “Um, was that typical?” Grin.

· Feeling very well cared for by M and Chris as I struggled with some of my own demons. And being surrounded by supportive friends.

· The last evening of the party, a group of good friends in our room. Niki Flynn, HH, Chris, sparkle, Mija, NY Irish Red, Bailey, Ian the London Tanner, Tony Hamilton, and Aurora. Much merriment, champagne, spanking, and teasing.

· At said party, Chris was spanking me with one of Ian’s paddles and Ian objected to the slight inflection in my voice as I counted Chris’ strokes. Mr. London Tanner decided to teach me a new way to count and put me over his own knee. One stroke per cheek, and I had to count from one to ten on one side and ten to one on the other. (Got that?) It’s supposed to be like this: Smack “One!” Smack “Ten!” Smack “Two!” Smack “Nine!” Confusing at best, right? Except Ian, sadist that he is, started giving me two in a row on the same cheek. But I managed to keep it all straight, even confusing him at one point. J And the room cheered when we were done.

· The (ahem) 8 hour drive home from Vegas to LA. It could have been traumatic, but because we carpooled with Chris and sparkle, it was as fun as it could possibly be. We groaned, teased, reminisced about the weekend, and planned for the next party.


Niki Flynn said...

Yes, those Brits can be absolute brutes, can't they? I'm so sorry you fell prey to their Draconian methods. Not that I'd have offered to take your place, mind you - I shudder to imagine it!

Still cowering,

Anonymous said...

"Slight" inflection? That was the most attitudinal "nine" I've ever heard! Gotta admit, though, you kept better count than most would in similar straits, including myself. Brava, Iris :)


Bailey said...

I was also highly impressed by your counting skills! I'm very glad I wasn't called upon to perform that particular trick that night! It would have been the never ending spanking...

Aurora said...

I have a hard enough time counting a straigh one to ten, I haven't a clue how you did that! Truely impressive. It's always fun to see Ian look dumbfounded, too.

By the way, I'm having fun finding everyone's blogs. :-)