Friday, September 14, 2007

The Rules

A few weeks ago, sparkle posted this list of her rules, both old and new. It got me thinking about the rules that I've had at different times and in different relationships, so I decided to make a similar list.

Permanent Rules
(Rules that never change and seem to be embraced by all disciplinarians I've had.)

1.) Take care of myself
This is the broadest, most basic rule. Parameters can be defined differently by different tops, but are generally the same. They include eating, not deliberately going to dangerous places by myself, not driving recklessly (I am a very good driver, but have been informed by Chris and M and Yoni that if I were to ever get a speeding ticket I would be in big trouble from them all), and generally not endangering myself. More specific interpretations have included not peering over sand cliffs to see the rushing torrent of water (M), not driving on my cell without an earpiece (Yoni), and not getting sunburned at the beach (Chris).

Yes, I've been spanked for most of those.

2.) No texting while driving.
This is a newer rule for me, but unfortunately one on which all my disciplinarians agree. And I agree that it's safer, but sometimes it would be so much more convenient to shoot off a quick text--and sometimes that happens while I'm in the car. But I have promised to be careful.

I have been spanked for this a little. Mostly threatened and roundly scolded for thinking about it.
3.) No bad behavior
I really am generally well-behaved, despite what this blog might imply. But I do get impatient and I will vent my frustrations occasionally with a stamp of my foot or a flash of my tongue. This bothers M more than any of the others, but all of them have spanked me (or swatted me) for it.

Currently, the penalty for any tongue-sticking-out whatsoever is a hairbrushing. Period. No haggling allowed.

Temporary Rules
(Rules that have been in place for certain periods of time with certain disciplinarians.)

1.) Do my reading/work
When I was in grad school there were a couple of times when I asked M and/or Yoni to help give me some structure. I was falling behind in reading for classes, pushing papers to the last minute, and generally spiralling downward. Having an external sense of accountability helped me get things accomplished and kept everyone more sane.

This was one of the more regimented examples of the rule.

2.) Take care of myself
Sometimes I get really bad at watching out for myself, so I have more specific rules about what to eat, when to go to bed, or things like that. These are short-term things, since neither my tops nor I wish to get into a 24/7 control relationship. They are set up to protect me when I'm not doing a good enough job taking care of myself and they last "as long as they need to." (grin--can you tell I've heard that before?) Consequences include reporting in at various times to my disciplinarian, spanking for falling short of the expectations, lines, and early bedtime.

That just about covers it. Seems like sparkle does have more rules than I do!


CresceNet said...
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Mija said...

Personally, and I'm just tossing this out there, I'm not sorry you can't text while you drive.

That does seem a bit dangerous and we do love you so.

sparkle said...

I agree with mija on the texting while driving rule. :) But then again, you knew that...

Should I be proud or worried that I inspired you to write down the rules? You DO know they can be used against you, right? As if, for example, you break one and there is irrefutable evidence that you did, in fact, know it was a rule and now you can't deny it.

Just saying...


Iris said...

(sheepish grin)

You're both right, of course. No one should be texting while driving. Which is why it's good to have it as an actual rule: this way I won't be tempted to just send a quick one. Cause I know I'd have to tell on myself.

As for the rules being documented, sparkle, I suppose they could be held against me. But they're not too complicated and I'm supposed to know them anyway. I imagine I'd get in more trouble if I broke one and then said, "Oh, I didn't know I wasn't allowed to be at the beach without suntan lotion." Cause then they'd think I wasn't paying attention. :-D