Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I'm back!

Sweet, sweet internet. My very intelligent, highly skilled, and much beloved M has managed to configure our internet connection. Never mind the boxes piled everywhere (and I do mean everywhere). Never mind the unassembled and unpurchased furniture. We are online! (Lest you think I'm being sarcastic, I am genuinely grateful. Boxes will take forever to unpack; I've been having internet DTs.)

And here is an example of just how brutal my love can be. He hairbrushed my foot! Well, actually, he hairbrushed my backside hard enough to make me kick high, and then he hairbrushed my foot. As SarAdora would say, Tsk.


sparkle said...

Welcome home! :)

Sar & Cowboy said...

Actually... as SarAdora would say... Tsk! and Double Tsk! A hairbrush? That's really rude. If the giant squid tried that on me, he'd NEVER eat peach cobbler again.

Welcome back!


Anonymous said...

That's very bad, but it's going to get worse! Wait til you see Sparkle's blog... Watch that poor foot. ;-(

Anonymous said...

Truer words have never been said, anonymous.

And Iris, m'dear, there are ways to protect your feet...such as restraining them so they don't get up into the danger zone that surrounds your bottom.

Iris said...

Sar, I only wish M were that easily bribe-able. :-D

Anonymous, thanks for the tip.

As for you, Fireman Chris, you hush!