Monday, January 12, 2009

I do not want to go to bed.

I am not tired.

I am not grumpy.

I am not misbehaving.

I do not want to wash my face.

I do not want to put on pajamas.

I do not want to go to bed.

I do NOT want to be hairbrushed.



Dr. Ken said...

Iris--You also apparently do not know what is good for you....

Dr. Ken

barbie said...

You didn't want to but did you do it anyways?

sparkle said...

You could try the princess's tack. "*Please* please rub my back for me, daddy? So I can sleep better?"

Or, you know, insert another body part. ;)

Iris said...

Barbie and Ken (tee hee!), check out my post from tonight.

And sparkle, I thank you for the advice. As it turns out, inserting another body part was *exactly* what we did. :-)