Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Choose your own ending

Assuming that my post from last night accurately reflected my feelings and some of what came out of my mouth, which story ending do you think is more plausible?


M snapped the laptop lid closed and stared sternly down at Iris. "Bed. Now." He put the laptop on the floor.

She closed her eyes and allowed him to pull her to her feet.

She trudged off to the bathroom and washed her face.

She changed into a nightie and slipped under the sheets.

When M came into the room to tuck her in, they had satisfying and delicious sex.

She drifted off to sleep happily.


"I SAID, 'I don't want to go to bed!'" she said. "And you're not my boss and you can't make me."

"Careful, little girl," he said, silkily. "I am your boss sometimes. And naughty little girls who don't take care of themselves definitely need bosses."

"Hmph!" She tossed her head and looked away, pouting. "Well, I'm not going to bed."

"Yes, you are."

"Says you."

"And my hairbrush."


"If that's the way you want it. OK."

"Hey, wait! Where are you going? No, I'm good, I'm good! I'm going to wash my face right now! Really! Come back!"

A mad scramble toward the bathroom door, interrupted by a determined M with something unpleasantly ebony-like in his hand.

Protests, pleas, and promises.

Deaf ears.

A sound hairbrushing over jeans, one party wordless, the other quite vocal.

A pause.

Sniffle. "I'm sorry."



"Can I go to bed now? I'm a good girl."

"Go wash your face."

A brief but productive interlude, wherein a face is washed.

M sitting on the bed, stony-faced.

Iris in a nightie, scooting under the covers.

"I'm sorry I was naughty. I love you."

"I love you too. And now I'm going to spank you."

"What?! But I already got spanked! No!"

"You got spanked for being disobedient and sassy. Now you're getting spanked for not taking care of yourself."

"But, but--"

More damn hairbrush.

And then sex.


So you think you know me, huh?

Well, smarty-pantses, it just so happens that the real ending was #1.

#2 was a fictional foray for your pleasure.


barbie said...

But #2 sounds so......delish!!!!!!! You should have made us vote! I would have said 1....hahaha. No I wouldn't. I would have picked 2. At least you got sex ♥

sparkle said...

Iris, I know you would never *choose* #2 if it meant getting ebony as part of the deal. Now, if you'd said a leather strap instead of a hairbrush, I might have guessed # 2.

Not that you ever get to *choose* hairbrushing. Just, you know, when you forget about the possibility it happens sometimes. Or, when you want to remind M that he has to do it. Right?


Indy said...

"Well, smarty-pantses, it just so happens that the real ending was #1.

"#2 was a fictional foray for your pleasure."

Thanks! ;-)

Long Adam (#2 -1/2) said...

All I gotta say is, "Three Cheers, for Number Two!!

(now...Go wash your face!:)

`x~adam (#2*1/2)

Jean said...

Great ending, Thanks for sharing

Dr. Ken said...

Iris--there's nothing like a good....foray. :-)
Nothing wrong with ending #1, either....

Dr. Ken

Measha said...

Just stumbled upon your blog today. This was a wonderful post. It reminded me of those books when we were kids...where you had to chose the path the story went.

Although #2 does sound enticing...#1 sounds awfully romantic!

"Bed. Now"...just as yummy as any spanking!

Anonymous said...

I like ending two lol nice blog!

Iris said...

Barbie, Indy, Adam, and LMN, I'm glad you liked ending #2.

Jean, Ken, and Measha, thanks for appreciating both.

And sparkle? pppbbbttt ;-)

Alexa said...

"Over my knee now Bella!" he comanded.

"Edward please, no."

I knew I deserved this. I was in huge trouble. I had gotten lost in the forest, and Victoria was still on the loose. When Edward found me he was not pleased. before I could protest we were in that same room. And I was in trouble.

"Yes Bella. Now come lay over my lap and take off your pants."

"Edward please, no."

"Over my knee now Bella!" he comanded.

I went over. I removed my jeans and sat over his cold lap. Even through the jeans he was wearing I could feel it.

H lifted his had and THWAK! It came down again and again . He was moving so fast I couldn't even see his hand. Or his arm. The fire was unbearable. My bottom was raging, then he stopped.

He examined my bottem the lifted me up and said, "I am so sorry Bella but I don't want Victoria," he growled at the name, "I don't want that monster to hurt you."

"Was this nessisary though?" I said.

"Yes." He replied and then leaned closer to kiss me.

Roro lightning said...

Hmm am I delurking here? I think so!
Great, iris! I read through a bunch of posts, (took hours and I'm still not done) and # 2 was delishus.
But I guessed #1 :)
Love your blog! And sparkle's!