Tuesday, September 2, 2008

SL08: Calibration

A mini-story from the party this weekend:

On Saturday afternoon, we were lounging in Pablo and Mija's room with Chris, sparkle, and Bridget. I was lying face down on a bed and M was sort-of spanking me. By "sort-of spanking me," I mean, "we were all talking and he was hitting me with a cane (lightly) and a strap, though it didn't interrupt the conversation at all."

At some point in the afternoon I made a comment about how I'd never actually been slippered, but was curious. Pablo sighed, stood up, crossed the room to the bedside dresser, and pulled out a slipper, noting that I "really shouldn't make comments like that." (Grin.) I invited him to try it on me.

He hesitated.

"I don't know that I'm really calibrated for you," he said.

It took me a moment to realize what he meant.

I have noted, here and elsewhere, that I have an extremely high pain tolerance, particularly if I'm in the right mood. And I am not particularly vocal during a spanking. I'm not sure if this is natural, prideful, or a function of living in apartments and other close quarters. Whatever the reason, I don't tend to squeal or yelp or cry out much, even when the sensation is intense.

My dear friends sparkle, Mija, and Bridget, on the other hand, are squealers, yelpers, and criers out. Emphatically so.

I bent over and put my elbows on the bed. Paul took aim and whacked my jeans-covered bottom with the slipper. I took a sharp breath. He whacked me again, on the other cheek. I exhaled sharply. Someone in the room said, "Did you even feel those?" M said, "Oh, she felt that alright."

See, M is calibrated to my responses.* He could read my body language and breath from all the way across the room. As he said later, "That slippering made you hurt more than anything I've seen in a long time. It really made you have to hold on, didn't it?"

Um, yeah. A lot.

All in all, Pablo probably gave me 10-15 swats (M's estimate--I can't remember the count). And I really did have to hold on. Even though it was not a punishment, even though my bottom was protected through thick denim. It hurt and burned sharply, but I didn't say much beyond, "ooh" and "ow." I winced a bit but didn't claw at the air or stand up.

And according to most of the observers in the room, I must be some kind of freak.** ;-)

*I promise to try to persuade him to write a post about my reactions someday.

**Still, I'm not keen on being slippered again anytime soon, particularly for punishment.


Paul/Pablo said...

As a small addendum, I really had pulled out the slipper with the idea of giving it to M. - it would have been fun to see how the person best calibrated for you would have used it.

But there was something especially liberating in the fact that - calibrated for you or not - I felt able to swing more or less as hard as I could. Fun.

Oh, and it was 12. Of course.

Paul/Pablo said...
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Iris said...


Of course. :-) I'm afraid my head was somewhere more fuzzy than actual numbers, but 12 makes perfect sense.

I'm glad you enjoyed being able to swing as hard as you wanted. Quite frankly, I enjoyed getting spanked by you, since we'd never previously played. Though I'm now a bit nervous to ask again.


Paul said...

Iris, I've never used the slipper to punish, though I had it at school often enough, out PE teacher was fond of using it if we weren't working hard enough.
We had one for scenes and it made Mel squeal quite realistically.
Warm hugs,

Iris said...


I think if I were in the right headspace the slipper might make me squeal realistically too. But don't tell anyone. ;-)


Eliane said...

Ouch! The slipper is most definitely on my 'avoid' list. Then again so is pretty much everything else, tee hee! Sound like you had a great time at Shadow Lane. I'm very jealous!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad that I wasn't the first to use it on Iris. It was much, much better to watch her surprise at just how hard the slippering was. I'm also not sure that I'd have used it that hard since I've never used one.

Big thumbs up from me!