Friday, November 16, 2007

Reality becoming Fantasy

I'm a bit behind in my blog reading, so I only just discovered Niki's post about the repercussions from a misplaced pea. First of all, I really love real-life accounts of spanking, especially from people I know. (I can just hear HH's voice...) It's satisfying on a level different from fiction because it has the extra ring of truth--gasp! there are actually people out there getting spanked!--and because the accounts are stripped down to the essentials. And let's face it, Niki writes really well. I've been enjoying replaying the scenario in my mind just as it was written and I suspect I may replay it, um, later too.

But now my mind has turned the reality into fantasy: Niki, sparkle, Mija, Bailey, IrishRed, Princess Gail, and me sitting and enjoying dinner at the restaurant at the Suncoast. Niki giddily flicking a pea across the table, only to be answered with a french fry. Someone else joining in with a cherry tomato, and then some Diet Coke, and then...

Fast forward to the nervous young ladies being escorted out of the restaurant by HH, Chris, Pablo, Ian, and M. Disheveled, food-smeared, giggling nervously. All taken up to one suite and soundly spanked together for our misbehavior.

Uh, excuse me. Time to go replay some stories* in my, um, head.


*Seriously, girls, what do you think? Staged food fight at SL 08? Grin.


Anonymous said...

I'd add in:

"All taken up to one suite and put in the shower together to be cleaned up, then soundly spanked together on our still wet backsides for our misbehavior.

Bu hey, I'm a perv. :-D

NYIrishRed said...

Well, I'm a little behind in my reading but count me in to any food fights. No pea shall be safe in our presence :)


Anonymous said...

I'll have to wait and see how brave I feel at the time. The repercussions are often so out of proportion to the crime, you know.

Iris said...

Agreed, Niki. Still, I think it would be worth it to see the looks on the tops' faces. :-)