Saturday, March 28, 2009

A present

Guess what arrived in the mail for M yesterday?

A big box of gingersnap cookies from sparkle.


Now why would she send them to M, do you think?


PaulatNorthGare said...

Ha. We got ours already.

Iris said...

"We" as in "you," or "we" as in "you and A"?

The addressee is important, I believe.


Mija said...

He was using "we" in the royal sense, of course. But I've stolen some anyway.

sparkle said...


I could have addressed it M and Lily, but I thought that might be going just a touch too far.

But, oh, I considered it. yes, I did.

Did you ask M, before you took one? Hm?

sparkle :)

Mija said...

sparkle lovely, is there ever a time when you aren't a brat?

No? Yeah, that's pretty much what I thought. :b yerself.

And hugs too. Because basically you're just too easy to love.

Oh and hugs for Iris because she's pretty darn easy to love too.

Iris said...

Any cookies that enter my house are considered fair game--cookie bringers take heed.

But thank you ever so much for your thoughtfulness, sparkle. I'll be in your debt until I can properly repay you.

Hugs all around, for Mija, sparkle, Lily, and all other easy-to-love readers. :-P

Anonymous said...

Is she ever not a brat, Mija? Very, very rarely.

And Iris, I totally agree that she needs to be repaid. And I definitely need to see that. ;-)