Sunday, October 12, 2008

Pre-Wedded Bliss

I wish I had lots of kinky things to report from our household. After all, we are a young, healthy, kinky, soon-to-be-wed couple with a kinky girlfriend. We should be reveling in the excitement and love bubble, but instead we're caught between the extremely mundane (work, housecleaning, daily meal preparation, family obligations) and the temporarily insane (thank you notes, last minute decisions, tuxedo comparisons, floral options, indecisive guests). All of which conspire to divert our attention from each other and, ahem, more interesting pursuits. We've managed to entertain ourselves and stay connected, but there's been no interesting misbehavior on which to report. No sexy romps or spankings. No serious strappings or hairbrushings or paddlings. A few smacks here and there, but nothing blog-worthy.

I'm sorry, my friends. I don't expect you'll hear much from me in the next couple months. The glorious date is November 8th, and I'll be pretty busy from now until then. We arrive back from the honeymoon about 36 hours before our California reception, the Saturday before Thanksgiving. But rest assured, as soon as I'm feeling back in form I'll do something spunky and sassy and bratty and we'll be back in business. :-)


Indy said...

Oh, Iris, make sure you do plenty of spunky and sassy and bratty things in the next couple months, even if you don't have time to report them here!

I hope your wedding and honeymoon are both wonderful and as free from stress as humanly possible.

spankingbarbie said...

Doll.....enjoy yourself as much as possible! From what I hear - you totally deserve all the best and I wish you nothing but happiness. I am thinking that weddings and first Thanksgivings as a married couple should leave plenty of room for some good spunky, sassy and bratty behavior! Make a note of it and tell us all later!


sparkle said...

You know, the first Thanksgiving we had after we got married?

I had cleaned, put away, moved, unpacked and obsessively perfected everything. In the morning, Chris and I did something significant for the first time. About noon his uncle stopped by to see the house for the first time.

Chris had left the damn Astroglide on the sofa.

In plain view.

Argh. :)

We'll be down, maybe you & I can find a way to misbehave together? I have Chris's credit card and a long list of shopping to do. ;)


Lily said...

I'll be happy to help you get caught so that you have PLENTY to write about!

I finally started my own blog. I don't quite have the courage to let anyone read it yet....


Miss you pretty lady!

Iris said...

Indy and Barbie, I definitely plan on enjoying myself as much as possible in the next month. And I'll definitely fill you in on the details when my life returns to sanity. :-)

sparkle and Lily, I'll happily take you both up on your offers to help create those details. Say when...

A.S.S. said...

Know you're busy, and totally understand that blogging time gets cut back when that happens. A nice long spanking sure helps us be able to stay focused on all that needs to be done though. Hope there is enough time for that.

Todd and Suzy

Impish1 said...

Glad to have the dates. I knew you were too busy to write, but I found myself thinking of you often, and wondering how close to the big day we were. This helps me follow along, and lets me send good wishes your way knowing where you are and what part of the wedding and such you are doing. That's fun for me! You're very generous to share with us.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations and hope you find lots of fun things to get in trouble over...and not the real stress of family chaos! Hope to see you both in June...
Diane aka swfloridabrat

D said...

Hi Iris,

That spanking and strapping I gave you last week was too brief, wasn't it? But I know that you enjoyed it while it lasted ... as did I.

I'll see and M next at your California reception.

I wish you and M the best wedding day ever. And the hottest honeymoon!



Dr. Ken said...

Take your time, Iris.....when you're ready to post again, we'll be waiting here for you.
And when the glorious date is past, please send me a photo (e-mail is fine) of you in your wedding dress! I'd love to see it...

Dr. Ken

Sue said...

Enjoy every moment, Iris!

I wish you and M the most perfect day, and a life time filled with love and laughter.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to two really terrific people! I wish you much joy and prosperity in your married life. Stay away and enjoy each other for as long as you want/need. The community isn't going anywhere ... we'll be right here when you return.



kate said...

The very best of good wishes to you both for long life and happiness together!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your wedding/enjoy the honeymoon and CA reception.